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Natalia and Paola

Par admin pierre-brossolette, publié le vendredi 18 janvier 2019 22:59 - Mis à jour le lundi 28 janvier 2019 23:33
Interview Human of Villeurbanne

Natalia – 17 years old and Paola – 18 years old : Rue de la République


Being with our friends and family makes us happy”


It was around 6:20 when we saw Natalia and Paola, 17 and 18 years old, walking around with flowers and Natalia’s boyfriend. “He gave these to me”. She is in high school in Limoges, she actually used to live in Lyon but she moved about a year ago. Paola is an IDRAC student. French justice outrages her. Natalia hates sexual harassement. They were just doing some shopping in town.


And they had pretty good stories to tell...


We were at MacDonald’s with our friends, and some random dudes just ran after us because we refused to let them buy us ice cream”


You see that ZARA store over there? They accused me of robbery.” Paola



Do you put the milk before or after your cereals?” “After!” scandalous.


Human of Villeurbanne

Interview done by Eva Lunion and Houda Aboudou