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Par admin pierre-brossolette, publié le vendredi 18 janvier 2019 22:51 - Mis à jour le lundi 28 janvier 2019 23:32
Interview Human of Villeurbanne

Frédéric Marc – 35 ans : Elephant Vintage Store


« My client now works for me »


"I am the owner of this shop. I look for clothes in all Europe and sell them here"

Frédéric Marc loves spending time with his friends and his girlfriend. He really seems to love his job and even has a fun fact about it:

"Two years ago, I met a Japanese buyer. We became friends and he works for me now. You should go say hello to him, he's in the second part of the shop, right at the corner of the street."

We did go and talked with the man a bit but he wasn't comfortable with having his picture taken, so we didn't annoy him more.


You can find the store on Instagram!



Human of Villeurbanne

Interview done by Eva Lunion and Houda Aboudou