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Florian Tonkin

Par admin pierre-brossolette, publié le vendredi 18 janvier 2019 23:16 - Mis à jour le lundi 28 janvier 2019 23:29
Interview Human of Villeurbanne

FLORIAN EMMANUEL (24 years old) Tonkin.


I’m a college student at the I.N.S.A.

My parents live in Nice.

I live with other flatmates in my apartment and my flatmates were my friends from high school and my apartment is not too far from here.

It’s my second year at the I.N.S.A.

I want to become a technician in electronics.

Which I am already learning but I still have two years of studies.

What you like do /practice/spare times?

My hobby is free running in the city.

I’m part of a club and teach people free run every Sunday.

Have you ever have an accident ?

I have actually broken a leg by doing this: I was trying to roll on the ground.

This is one of our hangouts in Villeurbanne although we have other places we like to stay in.

But we prefer this place because we are used to it and since it’s Sunday we came here me and my friends.

Human of Villeurbanne

Interview done by Badran Shams and Ranaivoson Lahiriko