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Clément and Shay

Par admin pierre-brossolette, publié le vendredi 18 janvier 2019 22:47 - Mis à jour le lundi 28 janvier 2019 23:32
Interview Human of Villeurbanne

Clément - 20 ans et Shay - 16 ans : Opéra de Lyon


« My best friends had sex right beside me !»


They tell us they are dancers. She is looking for a job, he works part-time as a delivery man.


"We are here to train. And she, he laughs while pointing at a second girl, is just physically here."

We asked them to name an important person in their life. She said it was her grandmother. "My mother, he answered, for she has always been at my side.
They had pretty interesting stories to tell:

"A friend of mine was dancing in the street and some random guy shouted to put on some Jul. That same guy then convinced himself my friend had done a rude gesture towards him, so they started fighting, Clément said."

"My two former best friends had sex two centimeters away from me, while I was fully awake. I asked if I only served the purpose of a pillow to them, and I was so pissed I gave them the cold shoulder for three days straight!"

Shay pours the milk in before the cereals, which is the only right way to do it - and I dare you to say otherwise (Eva) - and Clément has participated so much in such dumb debates he prefers saying he doesn't eat cereals, which is the only way for him to avoid drama.

Shay hates girls who think they are better than everyone else, and the one thing that frustrates Clément the most are people coming up to him while he dances to tell him his dance is scary and aggressive. He dances the "Krump", and I recommend checking it out. It looks very unique and might not appeal to everyone, but I do think it is worth watching, at least to know what it's like !


Human of Villeurbanne

Interview done by Eva Lunion and Houda Aboudou